Commercial Roll a Shades Houston, Texas 77015

TX Energy Savers thanks Amazacutz for purchase of 90% Grey Roll-A-Shades purchase in Houston, Texas.  Roll-A-Shades not only look great but are the perfect way to reduce the heat into coming into your commercial building and save you money on your electric bills.  Give us a call today to set an appointment 713.370.HEAT. HP0-M44 HP0-M48   By the way, the name holds true “Amazacutz” has great services and give amazing cuts. Thanks, ME  

Solar Screens Warranty


Extended Limited Warranty

What is Covered? – This warranty covers all Phifer SunScreen, Super Solar Screening when properly handled and installed for normal use as exterior fixed screening. SunTex is also covered by this warranty for use in retractable roller systems. Phifer guarantees that, when delivered to our customer, Phifer Sun Control Products will meet or exceed all of our specifications with regard to mesh configuration, dimension, strength and color. Phifer further guarantees that Phifer Sun Control Products will not become nonfunctional because of changes in physical properties due to exposure to normal atmospheric conditions. This warranty does not cover damage to screen from any source nor does it cover gradual fading.  Any defects found with regard to mesh configuration, dimension, strength or color, that exist at the time of initial delivery, must be reported to Phifer within a reasonable period of time and before fabrication or installation of the material. Only full or partial rolls of Phifer Sun Control Products may be returned to Phifer for replacement under this warranty except as provided in the following paragraph.  The Phifer Sun Control Products mentioned above are covered by this warranty if the fabric becomes nonfunctional due to changes in physical properties. If the fabricated screen appears to be defective, it must be returned to Phifer without hardware or attachments to be inspected. How Long Is The Coverage Period? – The warranty against changes in physical properties is valid for a period of ten (10) years. What Will Phifer Do? – Any Phifer Sun Control Product found to be defective will be replaced, free of charge, with an equal quantity of Phifer Sun Control fabric. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE COST OF LABOR OR OTHER CONSEQUENTIAL EXPENSES RELATED TO REMOVAL, RETURN OR REINSTALLATION OF PHIFER SUN CONTROL PRODUCTS. THIS IS THE COMPLETE AND ONLY WARRANTY PROVIDED FOR PHIFER SUN CONTROL PRODUCTS. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, FOR THIS PRODUCT.