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TX Energy Savers is a family own business in the Houston, Texas. We’ve been in business since 2009, saving customers up to 40% on their Electric Bills. We specialize in Solar Screens and Roll Away Shade both for commercial and residential. We also offer Energy Inspection and now HVAC services.


TX Energy Savers is HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) and Energy Star version 3 certified, which are the only certifications new Home Builders and the Real Estate Industry recognize. Our experience working with new and existing Homes we understand what causes high energy bills. The Home Building industry is now making homes more energy efficient than ever before. We found, from experience, a few product and services that can help older home reduce energy bills without paying alot of money or renovating. Clients feel the relief and more comfortable immediately and return on investment within 2 to 3 seasons at most. This is something we stand by and guaranty.

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